Melissa (stardustnprison) wrote in propsychics,

I don't know what I'm seeing. Very confused.

Hi everyone... My name is Melissa. Maybe you can help me out withsomething as I am sooooo confused. I have had the occassional premonition since I was 15 years old. I'm now 32. Lately I feel that I have to get ready for some major changes as I think that one of my premonitions is about to come true. I spoke to a psychic last night because I feel so lost and I want to make sure that I'm on the right path. I keep feeling like my soul mission is about to become apparent to me and judging from my premonitions, I feel that it has something to do with being around the medical field even though I have almost no credentials for that kind of thing. My premonitions include that I will marry a doctor and last night the psychic confirmed my premonition about working in a hospice in some capacity. In my premonitions, I'm healing people on an emotional level. I also had another dream that I was psychically helping to diagnose patients. I also had yet another premonition that I was speaking to the living and the dead. All of this is very confusing because even though there has been a slow development of my abilities, I still do not consider myself psychic or a healer of any type because my premonitions are not all that frequent. I'm very confused about whether I should take these visions to be literal or not. And if they are to be translated literally, then I guess this is where your comments would be of such value... How can I develop my skill??? I'm so inexperienced and I don't know any other people with apparent psychic ability in my daily life. Despite my visions, it seems almost impossible to believe that I could ever be of use to anyone on a professional level. What do you think??? What should I do...(if anything at all)???
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